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Killing Bluebirds by Emily Page

Dear Max,

You’re the name I can’t say

when alone in the deep end.

Like braille under my skin

You’re a different person after sunset.

And why do you burn chapstick?

I just want to know them.

Girls missing on the news:

now I see them all.

Below the water there are bones

I just thought you’d play nicer.

June, your senior girlfriend

smelled of mint nail polish

and stale candy corn from ‘04.

I’m sorry she didn’t make it

that summer the cabin caught fire.

She just saw something she shouldn’t have seen from the kitchen window.

(a dead blue bird in pigtails

the kind dad liked to hunt)

I just wanted to tell you

I’ll look after them for you.

Wipe away the leaves,

bring them company during winter.

The day is getting closer now

I’ve got the guest list settled.

I can’t wait for your return

the birds say hi too.



About the Author

Emily Page is a senior double majoring in English and German with a minor in Digital Technology and Culture, and an Editing and Publishing Certificate. When she is not busy writing a story at 3am, you can find her drinking a Capri Sun or Red Bull as she races to class.