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An Existence Marked in Heartbreak and Onyx by Ivy Ndambuki

Curse the boy who snatched the words

from your throat, young queen.

You were meant to rebuild the pyramids

with a single sigh.

Your breath, nectar sweet and warm

like fresh tea …


You were meant to rule over one and all

with the crown given to you at birth placed perfectly

atop your head,

reflecting the brown hue of your melanin-rich sheathing.

Your beloved did not

give you the strength and power you now possess,

his validation withers in the face of the strength

that emanated from within you.

You are natural, and sweeter than honey.

Gloriously independent and fierce

About the Author

Ivy Ndambuki is a first year student at WSU and is majoring in political science. Although poetry has nothing to do with politics, writing holds a special place in her heart because it’s an outlet that helps her work through the cacophony of emotions and thoughts rattling around her brain.