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Death by Bethany Lawler

Items necessary for burial:

Corpse —

preferred prior to decay

Shovel —

must be sturdy

Gravedigger —

must be sturdier



Box or shroud —

decorations optional

Grave marker —

stone is best but a living tree works well

Mourners —

the dead don’t know they are not alone



Religious speeches —

It’s too late to convert, but not to be canonized

Elaborate rituals —

The living dance, but the dead dictate

Anecdotes from family and friends —

it’s only humorous now that they’re gone

Items of significance —

pets not recommended

Embalming —

not for weak stomachs

Alcohol —

drown what you cannot change

Laughter —

mock what you fear

Tears —

there’s never enough and too much for the dead

About the Author

Bethany Lawler is a fourth year student at WSU studying creative writing and chemistry. She has spent the last decade putting the stories that roll around her head to paper, with varying levels of success, and trying to untangle the mysteries of the cursive z. She enjoys writing poetry in the margins of her notebooks when it rains (and sometimes when it doesn’t) and perfecting the blank middle distant stare of a cat lurking in someone’s front window. She is currently working on more novels than she can count. She is planning on graduating in 2019.