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“Upon entering this grand, illustrious and ever so exalted project with absolutely no idea of what we were doing, and thereafter having pursued the guidance of various friends and faculty members and of our own charge, after considerable deliberation we determined at once to fake it.

Well, after nearly a year in the process, we did it, ambling over. Though the staff was short in number, they worked their tails off and came up with something good. A creative outlet for WSU students, a high-cultured flyswatter, a mag, a rag, late for dinner – call it anything you want. LandEscapes belongs to WSU. A gift.”

– Boyd W. Benson

Founding Staff

Keith Ancker | Boyd W. Benson | Eva Bernfeld | Jennifer Carmody | Catherine Cline | Todd Cullison | Amy Day | Chantel Hobbs | Christina Howard | Brandon McGovern | Sara Okert | Shana Pennington | Rick Rogahn | Jeanne Rodriguez | John Stilson | Elle Thompson


Founding & Current Advisor: Peter Chilson