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All 2016 Poetry (a-z)

Editor’s Choice

Bottom Feeders by Emily Page

Emily Page is a writer whose pieces will have you engulfed in their meanings. She writes with power and focused imagery making readers yearn for more. Bottom Feeder does all these things as she travels through an investigation scene, exposing the gruesome reality of religion. So in light of our theme social categories we have choosen Emily Page as our Editor’s Choice. Her knack for building a scene and usage of emotive language creates a work that many should envy. Not only does her ability to format a poem serve envious her message as well. Religion is a touchy category that some identify with and some don’t. This piece expresses interest to both as we are submerged with the view of one boy, one religion, and one death.

Pushing open the door, he heard them.

as the flashlight crossed over a fluffy pink rug

the scent of voodoo lilies and salt water

hung like stale cheese in the air vent.

And there

scratching at the plastic rivets in the tub

pecking at the bloated, goose-skin blue body

of a small boy submerged under water

were crabs.

Their eyes

like burnt matches,

and held between their feathery lips

was flesh.

They crawled across the boys skin

that blossomed with ruptured blood vessels,

like thin purple string under a bubbly wax casing.

He backed away from the tub

bumping against a sticky counter

feeling for the light switch.

The room ignited with color

and he saw a counter covered

in rainbow cream and six candles.

The figures of blue moved into the room

pressing him further against the sink

he saw the book of Mormon

nailed above the door

and felt there was no religion

left in the walls.

About Emily Page


Emily Page is a senior double majoring in English and German with a minor in Digital Technology and Culture, and an Editing and Publishing Certificate. When she is not busy writing a story at 3am, you can find her drinking a Capri Sun or Redbull as she races to class.