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WSU’s student-run literary journal since 2000

We strive to publish unique pieces that challenge the stigma. Each step of the publication process, from advertising to reviewing submissions, to layouts and distribution, is run entirely by students from a variety of personal and academic backgrounds.

2018 Editor’s Choice Pieces


Debra and the Horses

“One day she came home from school, her fingers stained black with dirt, and when her mother asked her what she had done that day she responded with a simple: “I like horses.” An hour later, their neighbors, the ones that lived behind them with the horse ranch, were beating the door down.

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Stigmatic Fluid

I always felt kidnapped in the presence of my father. I was just a child, the size of a porcelain doll that he stole off a shelf. He controlled the coloring and soreness of my limbs.

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A Case of Cold Feet (after Beloved)

“My womb spoke to me last night / Told me she was afraid / Afraid to bear black boys / Afraid to bear black girls / Afraid to bear black anyone into a white man’s world.

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