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WSU’s student-run literary journal since 2000

We strive to publish unique pieces that challenge the stigma. Each step of the publication process, from advertising to reviewing submissions, to layouts and distribution, is run entirely by students from a variety of personal and academic backgrounds.

2017 Editor’s Choice Pieces



“My breath felt ragged in my throat–as if I had lodged a crumpled piece of paper in my chest and only a few streams of air could travel up my esophagus from my lungs. “It’s hard to breathe,” I croaked. “Breath will feel good soon.” The Polish nurse patted my wrist and … “

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A Run on the (Memory) Bank

“The sun is running through the sliding glass doors to the patio, painting a jumping veil of highlights off the surface of the pool outside, onto the ceiling above the kitchen table where she and I are sitting. We’ve each got the first in a long series of … “

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“So I grew up with this girl, a tomboy down the street who used to play ball with the neighborhood guys. Wore baggy clothes and obscured gender lines, shy. With Freddy-Krueger-like knees, she … “

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